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          Hepu Power attended the WEE Expo 2014

          Author:Hepu Power Co. , Ltd. Click: Time:2022-04-08 16:37:32

          On May 13th -16th, Guangdong Hepu Power Technology CO., LTD participated in the 2014 World Elevator & Escalator (WEE) Expo-- one of the most important international elevator exhibition in the world because of its large scale, perfect facilities and multi-functions.


          Pazhou exhibition center

          Hepu Power’s booth covered 315m2 area where displayed our different kinds of gearless traction machine which had attracted many passengers and visitors.

          Hepu Power popular machine

          A maximum machine speed is 10m/s and the capacity is 3000KG.

          Hepu Power also invited a magician to perform a show for our visitors which created much applause.

          During the four-day exhibition, many professional visitors came to Hepu Power’s booth for information and communication. Some local elevator companies and overseas elevator companies had placed order with Hepu Power at the exhibition.  

          Hepu Power booth layout

          Hepu Power booth

          Hepu Power sales team

          CONCACT US

          Overseas : 0758-3623181

           LVAC : 0758-3623158/3623278

           BLGL : 0758-3623291

           EVM : 0758-3623296 





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