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          Innovation Breakthrough, Keep Improving

          Author:Hepu Power Co. , Ltd. Click: Time:2022-04-08 16:50:00

          On 25th,Dec. 2020, the fourth quarter of 2020 innovation and improvement awards ceremony with the theme of "innovative breakthrough,keep improving" was held in the company's training room. The company’s chairman Xianping Li, chief engineer Changyong Liang, technical center engineers and company supervisors and above attended the meeting.

          Award ceremony scene


          General Secretary JinpingXi pointed out that innovation is the first driving force leading development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. To grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to seek the future.

          Hepu Power adheres to innovation as the lifeline of its own development, encourages innovation, supports innovation, and promotes innovation!

          Prosperity of innovation leads to a prosperous enterprise;


          Innovation Summary

          Chief Engineer Changyong Liang




          A total of 51 patents were authorized from 2019 to 2020, accounting for 52% of the company's authorized number over the years!

          More than 130 innovative and improved projects in the fourth quarter are expected to create a direct benefit of 1.62 million yuan!

          The effects of reducing costs, improving production efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and reducing safety hazards can all be well reflected in innovation and improvement projects!

          In recent years, the number of applications and authorizations has risen rapidly. In the next stage, while maintaining a steady increase in the number of patents, the company will focus more on improving the quality of patents and actively cultivate high-value patents.


          Reward Distribution


          Everyone has the ability to improve, and everything has room for improvement. Improving is endless


          Mr. XianpingLi, chairman of the company, concluding speech


              At the end of the meeting, Chairman Li expressed his congratulations and thanks to the partners who won the Patent Award and Innovation Award. He emphasized that innovation is the foundation of enterprise development and the way to market success. He will continue to introduce incentives to promote independent innovation, continuously increase investment in innovation research and development, strengthen innovation platform construction, accelerate the improvement of team innovation capabilities, and build teams and products with core competitiveness. Promote the transformation of patents into advanced productivity, make it benefit, and promote the development of the company.

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